Who are we ? 
Our mission is to make the power of additive manufacturing accessible to the many. Handddle technology is developed with the aim of bringing AM at the heart of processes, closer to users, closer to manufacturing needs.
Our full-stack approach
Handddle combines embedded technology and software to help companies manufacture more products at a higher level quality to meet the demands of strategic markets.
Handddle App
Software that organizes and improves production processes induced by the qualification and analysis of production data in real time.
Handddle App
Smart Farm
Fully programmable production units monitored by HANDDDLE APP that intelligently automates manufacturing and production inspection.
Handddle Smart Farm
Our Values
It is because we are passionate that we developed a strong expertise.
Our customers are at the heart of our worries, because it is thanks to them that we exist.
Dissatisfaction is not in our vocabulary: whatever happens, we only have one word.
Success and realization of our products are our day to day driving forces.
We help you to accelerate and deploy intelligent, organized and controlled 3D production.