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Intership AI


Intership AI

Who are we ?

HANDDDLE enriches the way manufacturers around the world are revolutionizing production with 3D
Founded by 3 software and manufacturing professionals, passionate about technology and
innovation, eager to use their skills to solve some of the most important problems of the next
industrial area. How to assure manufacturers that their 3D printing production processes ensure that
the company can manufacture industrial compliance parts.
To meet this challenge, Handddle has developed a set of Microfactory and industrial IoT technologies.
Our industry-ready solution uses cutting-edge technologies such as edge computing and machine
learning, to enable teams to intelligently analyze production data to assess process quality and
predict, the industrial performance and capabilities of a 3D production line. We want to give
manufacturers the keys to reduce their dependence, their environmental impact and gain agility.
As a growing startup, we are looking for someone who has the attitude, ability and breadth not only to
do the job but also to grow within the company.


We are looking for our future AI trainee capable of participating in all of our projects in order to design
complex and innovative computer programs to analyze and value industrial data. You will benefit from
the flexibility and responsiveness of a small agile structure while participating in ambitious projects.
Within our team and under the responsibility of our CTO your missions will be as follows:

● Study methods of detection, tracking of objects and recognition of actions in fux videos
(algorithms developed in-house and realization of a state of the art)
● Adapt and develop neural networks dedicated to image processing and sensor fusion ( digital
data) for the applications described,
● Implement a situation analysis strategy to derive relevant information for the user.
● Test and validate the solution developed with concrete cases in our customers


At Handddle, you will take part in the entire process of creating application products specific to our
StartUp, which will allow you to have a global vision of the product and all the IT themes.
Thanks to your position, you will be able to intervene directly with customers to propose a functional application
in all circumstances.


You are in engineering school and you are looking for an internship to validate your Master’s degree in
AI? Do you have professional and/or personal experience in the use of neural networks? Do you know
how to formalize a problem and define an experimental approach to answer it? If so, join us!

Know-how to do well:

➢ Technical Environment:

● Linux
● Python + Pytorch
● Python analysis and visualization library
(Sklearn, matplotlib, seaborn etc..)
● Data Annotation Tools
● Git

Essential skills for a human being:

● Team spirit;
● Problem solver mindset ;
● Initiative Force, Autonomous and Resourceful;
● Think out of the box ;
● Organizational skills and multi-tasking;
● Agile and able to adapt easily to changes.

What we can do for you:

As we are a small structure, any actions you take will have an impact on the future of the company.
This way you can:
● To have the recognition of your actions directly on the development of the company;
● Have the opportunity to test quickly but also to fail;
● Being in a responsible entrepreneurial environment = very formative experience;
● Autonomy in the organization;
● Opportunities open in the medium and long term.
● Handddle offers the possibility to work in a modern environment with advanced
● We give you the opportunity to embark on a new adventure by working for high value
industries (Defense, aerospace, automotive)


❖ Duration of training: 6 months
❖ Office located in Bordeaux but remote work is possible (a referent on Toulouse)
❖ Position to be filled ASAP