Handddle Microfactories

Building manufacturing plant is a big job.
Do it with the best solution available on the market.

Handddle Smart Farm

Smart Farm is the world’s first 3D printing hub for manufacturing parts. Intelligent, safe, 100% modular and plug and play.

Handddle micro factories blueprint

Get the best 3D printing installation with smart farm

The Handddle SmartFarm is constructed from an aluminum frame. Smart sensors and materials are here to ensure maximum efficiency of your 3D printing HUB.

Module Configurations
Machines / Materials / Post Process
230V 50Hz
Power requierement
Volume capacity
Tactile control panel
Handddle APP access
Module addition
Handddle micro factories

Technology agnostic

Smart Farm can accept all the 3D desktop and desktop + machine available on the market

Build standardized production system for most of your needs

Interested in the Smart Farm system?

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Handddle Smart Farm

With our Micro-Factory, we've thought about the spirit to push the additive world further into our daily use. Designed using modular architecture, the Handddle SmartFarm can be configured based on machines, feedstock and production capacity. The world first system on the market which is able to standardise the way we install and use AM. Simple to install and fast to duplicate.


Install, plug and run. From the starting point to the main manufacturing tool, our modules grow with your needs. We're providing a maximum automated process and production visibility to be sure your parts will be ready for you and your customers.


Handddle SmartFarm has been engineered to fit into any space, from industrial workshop to office space. Handddle's digital ecosystem permits a direct drive monitoring hub and allows users to get the best experience while using AM.


Adapted and totally integrated, the Handddle SmartFarm is there to keep workers safe and to give machines the best working environment. No building works needed anymore, SmartFarm is mobile to be installed with the highest security level on the market.

Directly connected to Handddle APP Platform

Preview our cloud-based Micro factory monitoring system.

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Get a comprehensive overview of our cloud-native Manufacturing Execution System for scaling your production. Our dedicated support team will then help you model real workflows and production metrics from your business.

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Don’t need the inteligence of the whole system for now? Want to start with design furniture?

You don’t see micro ? Then, move macro

Thanks to the intelligence we developed, we can set up personnalized AM plant by implementing our smart embedeed systems.

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