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From individual production tool, to real production unit.  
Get the highest results while using your 3D printers. With our fully programmable production units monitored by HANDDDLE APP, you can build a compliant solution that meet the requirements of your markets. Smart Farm is here to ensure you a controlled environment to step up your repeatability. Technology agnostic, machines, materials and post process systems are into one standardized hub.

Assembled in France 🇫🇷
Controlled environment for repeatability :
- Constant production parameters
- Doors opening
- controlFiltration integrated
Production management:
- Workflow & Resources management
- Alerts during events
- 3D printers connection
Standardization, monitoring of production processes, traceability:
- Event history
- Production data
- Compliance with your manufacturing recipes
Enable distributed manufacturing:
- Creation and execution of your manufacturing recipes
- Standard integration
- Requirements of the Industry of the Future
Get the best 3D printing installation with Smart Farm
The Handddle Smart Farm is constructed from an aluminum frame. Smart sensors and materials are here to ensure maximum efficiency of your production.
Environment Configurations
Machines / Materials / Post Process
230V 50Hz
Power requierement
Volume capacity
Tactile control panel
Handddle APP access
Module addition
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Constant production parameters

Each envrionment can be configured for your specific need. Temperature and humidity are automatically regulated.

Doors opening control

Every single oppening is tracked. User identification is required to unlock the door. All the interaction are followed during the process. Your machines are under control without perturbation.

Handddle solution
Introducing PIC recipes : Process Industrial Container 
Use our tool to adopt a qualification frame and bring processes to a production step. Create production recipe and run them on site or where you need with just a few clicks. Whether preparing, checking, cleaning or one of many other production tasks, you can easily build recipe in the way you need it. With oui intuitive interface, it’s quick and easy to create, edit and change your recipe to match your production requirements. By combing PIC and SMART FARM, you can introduce your parts to distributed manufacturing.
Organize and improve your production processes
Handddle APP intelligently automates product manufacture and inspection, helping solve the standardization and certification requirements of modern factories. Increase capacity with production data by quickly automating process, regulated production environment and inspection tasks on your production line.
Let us help you out
Need advice ? We work with you to ensure that our solution meets your needs. Please contact us so that we can help you implement the most suitable additive solution for your needs.
Distributed Manufacturing
Producing part is entering a new age, more sustainable, logical and distributed. By providing localised production methods, we can set up a global manufacturing organisation. Our Micro Factories are here to help and standardise this new industrial challenge.

Putting Micro Additive Manufacturing Hubs to meet local needs as close as possible to demand is at the heart of our mission. Trying AM tools with external service providers was the first step, introducing in-house AM tools is definitively the next.
See how our solution has helped our customers
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From a craft process to an industrial process
See how the Smart Farm permit Gryp to secure, control and certified its production, to distribute parts for vintage vehicles.
You will soon be able to find other examples of how our partners use Smart Farm on a daily basis, see you soon for new stories.
We help you to accelerate and deploy intelligent, organized and controlled 3D production.