Unique Industrial IoT built for AM industry,
Handddle Line
Bring your AM processes to a new industrial quality level. Handddle has developed a new generation of IIoT to address industrial production scale challenges with 3D printers. Easy-to-implement, Line sync your production line data directly to Lineware platform.
The world’s first Industrial IoT powered by Computer Vision & Live Data Acquisition.
Handddle has combined state-of-the-art technologies to deliver the best IIoT platform available on the market. Its suite of deep sensors allows you to capture the highest quality data produced in your plant.
Plug-and-play, and Agnostic as well.
Connect to any asset by installing Handddle Line in the front of your 3D printers, is as simple as that. Pre-trained industrial analytics models are here to ensure you quick result no matter your equipment. Machine learning algorithms take over to build tailored process understanding.
- User
- Use case
- Machine
- Materials
- Batch processing 
- Machine learning
- Edge computing
- Certification
- Automation
- Prédiction
Effectiveness and efficiency in collecting and analyzing process data.
Two levels of data intelligence are provided by Handddle to allow you to work with relevant information that meets your needs. This also allows a sustainable and secure approach in the exploitation of your production data. A first level locally with edge computing  and in the cloud with batch processing.
Professionnal 3D printing microfactories
Fully programmable production units monitored by HANDDDLE APP that intelligently automates manufacturing and production inspection.
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