AI Platform to turn your process data
into AM production scale.

Handddle Lineware Platform transforms your shop floor data from insights into actions with AI powerful apps. This unique effective data collection that combines computer vision, machine learning algorithms and real time data acquisitions, will provide you the information you need to enhance in process  quality control and increase production capabilities.

Keeping an eye on your production Line.

Handddle Line’s perception takes complex data gathered from the factory floor and deciphers what's around it through technology like machine learning.  The platform understands additive manufacturing plant surroundings and track every task happening during production - from engineer to machine, and more.

Generating process information, more than numbers

Each process generates numerical data regarding its production. Through automated data capture, transformation and contextualization, Handddle Line data analytics can monitor the factory’s entire infrastructure.

Making data valuable thanks to fusion.

Handddle intelligence makes asset data more accessible and meaningful to humans. Based on cloud data fusion, it provides reliable data and insights to unlock real-time opportunities and what happens next.
Way to collect.
Powerful process monitoring Industrial IOT powered by computer vision, machine learning algorithms and real time data acquisitions.

Revolutionize in process quality control while guaranteeing productivity,
anywhere in the world.

Handddle’s pre-trained industrial analytics models are configured to optimize AM production, backed by powerful Industrial
AI apps built on data science and machine learning.

Comply with AM industrial standards.

Manufacture under the optimal conditions given by the machine manufacturers  to obtain industrial quality, set alerts and be notified when exceeded.

Embrace standardization.

Take industry codes and apply them to your AM production processes. Make sure to manufacture under known and controlled conditions, no matter where.

Improve the quality of your product.

Detect and resolve anomalies and defects earlier in the process ensuring you meet its qualification.

Ensure a safe environment.

Make sure the equipment you use meets health and safety requirements. Stop letting your engineers take risks.

Learn from your processes.

Let AI and data science give you valuable information to help you make the right decisions.

Optimize your production performance.

Follow the key KPIs of your production line to know your downtime, optimize your cycle-time, reduce your costs and increase productivity.
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