From individual production tool, to real production unit.

Get the highest results while using your 3D printers. With our fully programmable production units monitored by HANDDDLE APP, you can build a compliant solution that meet the requirements of your markets. Smart Farm is here to ensure you a controlled environment to step up your repeatability. Technology agnostic, machines, materials and post process systems are into one standardized hub.

Assembled in France 🇫🇷
Handddle's Smart Farm secures both the production environment around the machines, but also the user environment.


Keep the particles and gases hazardous to health in the production unit and depollute the intervention before the user intervention


Real-time analysis of temperature, humidity and pollution data using on-board intelligent sensor technology to optimize production traceability.

Handddle solution
Handddle solution
Handddle App
Build your machine organization. List your printers, store all the information and documentation related for production, follow printer’s event history and start predictive maintenance.  
Follow your stock level and consumption as closely as possible, create alerts and optimize your supplies.
Define user rights to better control access to your machines and materials, and datas of your organization.
Stop wasting your time figuring out when printers are available. Let the APP manage your entire production planning, from date proposal to adjustment in real time.
Track every single steps and events  of your production recipe, we guarantee that your process is well respected.
Apply specific licences according to each recipe execution.  
With real-time information, make more informed decisions and manage your resources efficiently.
Manufacture the same way anywhere by deploying standardized micro factories to meet the local demand and distribute your production everywhere.
Visualize all your organization's performances, production capacities and needs with a global and local approach.

Production Environnement Management

The environment of manufacturing and material storage is stored crucial. Have in place a environmental monitoring standard operating procedure (SOP) to minimize any issues with compromising your production.
Monitor every single environmental setting : temperature & humidity monitoring, particle counts (CO2 & TVOC), electricity consumption, pressure, and more...
Maintain the viability and reproducibility of your production to produce more products at a higher level of quality.
Let Smart Farm automates production environment settings in real time as needed.
Get all process information simply after each of your productions.
Our smart sensors automated data collection on each of your production steps.
Let Handddle APP send environment and process data to your printers to enable real time optimization
Effective data collection will provide you the information you need to answer questions, analyze production environment performances, predict and optimize future manufacturing ranges.

Atmospher under control

Control of the production environment to ensure compliance with industry standards and user safety in all circumstances.

Micro-factories production management

Centralization of deployed resources on Handddle App to optimize production management

Materials preservation

Material storage conditions that guarantee a reliable production.
Agnostic and connectable unit
Let’s connect your printers, MES or PLM tools for a better management of complexity and a reduction of disturbances to manufacture constantly with a system organized according to a real time network of communication. By coordinating all the resources of your micro-factory by the most efficient way possible, this will bring you new productivity gains and optimization.
Handddle x Vention
Handddle and vention are working together to offer a unique innovative automated production unit solution.

Get a fully automated 3D printing production line to maximise the profitability of your tools and guarantee a controlled and consistent quality of your products.
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