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Building Additive Manufacturing hubs

Distributed Manufacturing

Producing parts is entering a new age, more sustainable, logical and distributed. By providing localised production methods, we can set up a global manufacturing organisation. Our Micro Factories are here to help and standardise this new industrial challenge.

Putting Micro Additive Manufacturing Hubs to meet local needs as close as possible to demand is at the heart of our mission. Trying AM tools with external service providers was the first step, introducing in-house AM tools is definitively the next.
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Introducing Smart Micro Factory

Handddle SmartFarm is a cloud-connected manufacturing hub dedicated to the Additive manufacturing industry. Powered by Handddle APP, it offers a fully integrated solution to take advantage of the technology. All the ecosystem is now condensed and linked into one technological brick.

Handddle Smart Farm

With our Micro-Factory, we've thought about the spirit to push the additive world further into our daily use. Designed using modular architecture, the Handddle SmartFarm can be configured based on machines, feedstock and production capacity. The world first system on the market which is able to standardise the way we install and use AM. Simple to install and fast to duplicate.


Install, plug and run. From the starting point to the main manufacturing tool, our modules grow with your needs. We're providing a maximum automated process and production visibility to be sure your parts will be ready for you and your customers.


Handddle SmartFarm has been engineered to fit into any space, from industrial workshop to office space. Handddle's digital ecosystem permits a direct drive monitoring hub and allows users to get the best experience while using AM. 


Adapted and totally integrated, the Handddle SmartFarm is there to keep workers safe and to give machines the best working environment. No building works needed anymore, SmartFarm is mobile to be installed with the highest security level on the market.

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