3D Printing Production Line Platform
We provide a unique new generation production tool, to accelerate and deploy intelligent, organized and controlled production to run industrial Additive Manufacturing applications.

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Our full-stack approach
Enable the next generation of manufacturing
Handddle combines embedded technology and software to help companies manufacture more products at a higher level quality to meet the demands of strategic markets.
Handddle Smart Farm
Fully programmable production units monitored by HANDDDLE APP
that intelligently automates manufacturing and production inspection.
Handddle App
Software that organizes and improves production processes
induced by the qualification and analysis of production data in real time.
Integrate your means of production
Hack the lack of automation in production lines.

With our partners, we build factory-ready solution. Connect your 3D printers and other manufacturing means to intelligentlyautomates product manufacture and inspection, helping solve the standardization and certification requirements of modern factories. Increase capacity with production data by quickly automating process, regulated production environment and inspectiontasks on your production line.

Hit the challenges of the future of manufacturing.
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M. Arnaud D.
Head of the national 3D printing cluster of the French Air and Space Force
"The Air Force National 3D Printing center (ARAA 623) immediately adopted the HANDDDLE device as part of its ramp-up. We consider the Smart Farm microfactory as an industrial 4.0 tool that will allow us to have a distributed, qualified and secure production. It fits perfectly with the strategy of deploying the additive manufacturing innovation network on our air bases in France, in our schools and, in the future, on operation field."
Aline Becq
R&D Engineer @CesiVice-president @Fab&Co_asso
“Thanks to the Smart Farm solution, we will be able to share and harmonize our additive manufacturing ranges while guaranteeing the quality of the ambient air.  These farms, which will allow us to collect and exploit production data, will also be used as teaching aids, particularly on the subject of industrial performance.”
Gauthier Laviron
Cofounder @Gryp3D
“Thanks to Handddle, we are now able to have a reliable production process. For our customers, this is a commitment to quality and a guarantee of reactivity."
Serving high value industries
Integrate your means of production
By coordinating the needs and availability of the resources in the production unit with the most efficient way possible, the tool thus brings new productivity gains.

The intelligent production unit allows, among other things, a better management of complexity and a reduction of disturbances to manufacture constantly with a system organized according to a real time network of communication (API).
We help you to accelerate and deploy intelligent, organized and controlled 3D production.