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The new industrial area that is underway requires more and more adaptability from manufacturers to respond to the drastic change of the supply chain.Relying on local industrial manufacturing, as close as possible to the need, makes it possible to resolve these new issues more quickly and more efficiently.HANDDDLE helps manufacturers around the world deploy 3D printing capacities to solve these difficult problems as simply and quickly as possible.

Our Story

Handddle is an industrial startup founded in 2020 by a team of experienced software, manufacturing and innovation engineers who are passionate about technology and eager to leverage their skills to solve some of the new supply chain's biggest problems. Our company was created when we were faced with the proliferation of 3D printer installations everywhere in companies. So we asked ourselves, why are there more of them? What constraints are brought about by the installation of 3D printers in series? How can we ensure that these could be used for production efficiently?...

To meet these challenges, Handddle has developed production unit technology dedicated to industrial 3D printing. Our industry-ready solution leverages cutting-edge technologies to enable teams to stay focused on their daily tasks and simply deploy 3D printing.We give companies the keys to mastering their processes and making them reproducible in order to increase their profits.

Recently, the efforts of the founders and the success of our startup were recognized by Forbes magazine. Thomas, Dylan and Pierre were distinguished by FORBES Industry Leaders for the 30 UNDER 30 Manufacturing & Industry Europe, 2023 category.

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Thomas Bourgoin

Ceo & CO-founder

Hiking addict, guitarist, design furniture lover and RISD grad. Operating at the crossroads of design and computer science to craft experiences that people remember.

Dylan Taleb

COO & co-founder

Pierre Marigo

CTO & co-founder
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