Simple, transparent pricing

1 standardized price, as the product.
Question 1

What kind of printers are fitting inside Smart Farm? 

The product is technology & brand agnostic. It means you can put inside any kind of desktop machines, from Ultimaker to Formlabs machines. 

Question 2

Can I install the product in an office area? 

Smart Farm is here to reproduce a perfect factory environment, anywhere. You can install it at the 6th floor of your building or in your workshop area. 

Question 3

Can I upgrade the product after buying it? 

Our system is modular, meaning you can upgrade the hardware side but also the software to fit your needs. 

Question 4

Can I extract the data collected from the software?

All the data is yours. You can extract it at any time but also visualize it on the platform.

Question 5

Cloud or Local? 

Depending on your IT policy, you can choose between both modes. Getting the cloud version allow you to get access to your Smart Farm from any computer. 

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